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  • Vjekoslav Cerovina

Do you need your own "privacy policy"!?

One of the topics that is particularly sensitive is the issue of privacy in the online sphere.

According to Pew Research Center, there is a growing number of people using social networking apps and online dating sites that are worried about their privacy and the ways in which services collect and use people’s personal information.

Older online daters tend to be more worried about this type of data collection than their younger counterparts.

This research shows that about half (48%) of online dating users ages 18 to 29 say they are very or somewhat concerned about data collection, while larger majorities of older users express concern.

Online dating users 50 and older are especially likely to be “very” concerned about data collection.

There are also modest differences by gender among online daters, with women more concerned than men.

Groups who are more concerned about data collection include those who have had negative experiences with online dating, those who believe online dating has had a mostly negative impact on dating and relationships, and those who believe privacy violations are very or somewhat common on dating sites or apps.

Dating sites and apps are a particularly sensitive field in this regard because they collect personal information about users from their profiles, which cover such things as their sexual orientation and preferences, occupations, hobbies, and other interests.

“Individuals’ understanding of the digital matchmaking process is tied to their experiences with and attitudes about online dating”, the Pew Research Center experts concluded in their research.

Users who have had better experiences with online dating are more likely to say they understand the algorithms.

BIU (Bumpy Intelligence Unit)

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