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  • Vjekoslav Cerovina

The friendship is a vaccine - and you must be safe!

One very interesting psychological study on friendship and its impact on people's mental health (Sias and Bartoo, 2007 / Friendship, social support, and health) describes friendship as a vaccine. In this era of vaccination on the occasion of the Covid pandemic, such a definition resonates in a special way and inspires thinking. Do we have a lot of acquaintances around us, people we hang out with, or do we have real friends?

Experts in this study claim that the impact of friendship can be beneficial on both physical and mental health. The impact of friendship is visible even at the biochemical level.

Psychologist Catherine Bagwell writes that if young people in their pre-adolescent age manage to make friends, they grow into happier, more relaxed, emotional, and sensitive people and that they are generally people with a high quality of life.

Many different professional studies confirm such attitudes, and in general, psychology as a science has, it can be said, reached a consensus on this issue, but regardless of scientific confirmations, we know that from everyday life. A true sincere friend is invaluable.

As a company that develops the "safest social networking application", we are obliged to deal with the phenomenon of interpersonal relationships, especially friendships, in an organized way, by studying various scientific publications, gathering information, and analyzing user experiences in our Bumpy application. That’s what is the task of BIU (Bumpy Intelligence Unit).

As we know from life experience, every friendship begins with casual socializing. Only later does our relationship with someone become deeper and can be called friendship.

That is why our application always has refreshments that create conditions for having a good fun time and that provide a quality environment for meeting people well, however, safety comes first. "Safety" is what gives people "relaxation" as a prerequisite for getting to know each other well.

If so far you haven't peeked into the mechanisms and ways in which Bumpy provides "safety", here are the most important ones…

The safety of Bumpy App

Bumpy has a unique, fast, and simple interface with Map & Cards to meet new people around the world. All users on Map are verified because only verified users can show themselves on Map. With Cards, users can swipe users’ profiles with a high percentage being real and verified.

By chatting in the app, Bumpy limits unverified users by limited characters per day, sending unusual messages (for example, messages with an email address or a social media link), photos, or making video calls. To chat with unverified users safely and motivate users to pass verification.

Also, Bumpy can recognize scams, spam, or harassment messages from verified users, for example, asking about money or investments in crypto coins. It makes chatting in the app with trust and honesty.

Each user’s verification request pass customer support via Bumpy CRM. Suppose that users passed the verification process successfully and got a verification badge but changed avatars. In that case, Bumpy will remove the verification badge from them and send their new avatars to customer support for pending review. It allows close a gap for fakes that are significantly popular in social networking and dating industries.

Bumpy App is the “safest way to make a friendship”.

BIU (Bumpy Intelligence Unit)

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