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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Bumpy!

At Bumpy, we strive to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment where you can be your true self and make meaningful connections. By adhering to these guidelines, you help us maintain this atmosphere and ensure a positive experience for all users.

1. Respect Boundaries

Everyone has different comfort levels, so please respect them. Avoid sharing nudity, explicit content, or sexual desires on your public profile. Such content in private conversations is acceptable only if all participants consent.

2. Protect Personal Information

Share your personal information thoughtfully. Do not publicly display sensitive details like phone numbers or social media handles. Also, be wary of sharing or requesting financial information.


3. Avoid Violence

We promote positivity and do not tolerate any violent content, including depictions of harm or the use of weapons. If a situation suggests imminent danger, we will intervene with appropriate crisis resources.


4. Personal, Not Business

Bumpy is for personal connections, not commercial activities. Please do not use Bumpy for advertising, promoting businesses, or seeking financial support.

5. Authenticity is Key

Be genuine and avoid creating fake profiles or impersonating others. Authentic interactions form the best connections.

6. Communicate with Respect

Interacting with people from various backgrounds can be challenging. Maintain respect to ensure conversations remain pleasant and productive. We do not tolerate harassment or any form of bullying.


7. No Hate

Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, or any other identity is strictly prohibited. If someone does not meet your preferences, simply move on without engagement.


8. Adult Community

Only individuals 18 years or older can use Bumpy. We strictly prohibit images of minors, even if they are photos of yourself from childhood.


9. Legal Compliance

All interactions on Bumpy must comply with the law. Illegal activities, including the sale of banned substances or counterfeit goods, are not allowed.

10. Your Space, Your Content

Only post content you own or have permission to share. Respect copyrights and privacy.


11. Community Integrity

Do not spread misinformation, create spam, or manipulate others. Use Bumpy honestly and responsibly.


Reporting and Enforcement

We encourage you to report any activities or behavior that violate these guidelines. We take each report seriously and will take appropriate actions to maintain community standards.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to a trustworthy and engaging environment for all Bumpy users. Let's keep Bumpy a positive space for everyone!

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